Monday, November 5, 2012

A HARE-raising Evening

I could not believe my eyes when I opened the garage this evening.  Sitting in the window sill, was a rabbit.  Seriously, I had to make sure I was not seeing things.  So of course, I jump out of the car to take a picture.  The little brown rabbit was so scared, he ran into the corner.
A few minutes later, the hare remover came home and saved the day.  He suited up and used his tools to shoo the rabbit right out of the garage. 
The rabbit left a few lot of presents behind.  I am sure the hare remover will get rid of those, too : ).
Thankfully it was a cute little bunny and not a skunk or something!

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Gava said...

Googling for Gava I found out your blog...

I also have a "Gava Gang" living in Beijing, China :-)

It is always nice to meet Gavas around...
André Gava