Monday, November 12, 2012

Life Lately

It seems that my days lately have been spent in doctor's offices, emergency rooms and surgery centers.  I have said for about a month now that if I make it to Thanksgiving I will be very thankful.  I have been tried more than I expected on this comment.

Griffin has recovered and is just fine since his oral surgery.  He is sweet and adorable with or without a front tooth.

Griffin also saw a rheumatologist for his repeated limping and morning stiffness.  The doctor was wonderful and is not sure exactly what is going on.  He is not worried too much about the stiffness, because his flexibility is great.  He would like to see him when he is having one of his limping "episodes" to better diagnose him.  He thinks he may have situational (not sure that is really what it is called) arthritis.  I feel much better after seeing the doctor and hope it is nothing!  (I blog this just so I remember.  If it is not on my blog it is like it never happened, because my memory is not all that great lately.)

Debbie is recovering from an emergency appendectomy.  I am so glad I was able to be there with her as we waited for a diagnosis and then surgery.  She was such a good sport waiting in the ER waiting room for over 3 hours in extreme pain.  As much as I would have rather been almost anywhere else with her and my sister, we did manage to have some laughs!  Feel better soon, Debbie.  Love you!!

Trevor is having surgery on Thursday for a cholesteatoma in his middle ear.  I am nervous.  He is nervous, although he says very little.  I will be praying that Trevor has peace on Thursday, his surgery is successful and his hearing is restored to 100%.  I am so proud of Trevor and how he has handled all this.  He will be out of school until after Thanksgiving and will not be able to play any sports for a month. 
And, just because this post has been such a downer, here is a picture of C.C.  She has a cut over her eye that she keeps reopening so Rob decided to give her a Pooh band aid.

And the truth is, none of this is major, but it is all serious and a lot to handle.  But through all this I have seen so many blessings.  I am so proud to be part of my family.  It is amazing how we all can rally together for one another.  Can't wait to celebrate the holidays with the ones I love happy and healthy!!!

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