Wednesday, October 31, 2012

This is Halloween

My three treats on Halloween. 
Griffin decided he wanted to be Spiderman this year.  He dressed up as Spiderman {along with 4 other boys in his class} for his school Halloween parade.  Mom of the year forgot her camera so I got no pictures of him at his parade.  Trust me it was cute and if I do say so myself, he was the cutest Spiderman I have ever seen. 
By the time we got home from school, Griffin had decided he was going to wear the same costume he wore last year.
 And here he is this year as the same blue, furry, one-eyed monster. 
Nolan was a crazy soccer head.  He had a great time going door-to-door with 3 of his good friends.
Trevor had decided weeks ago that he was not going to dress up or go trick-or-treating.  He had decided he was going to go door-to-door to collect cans for the local food bank.  Well, last night seeing all his friends dressed up, he decided to throw a last minute costume together, meet Tie Man.  He did go trick-or-treating with his friends, but instead of a huge bag of candy he came home with over 20 cans of canned food for the food pantry.  He also came home with some candy.  This week I will be taking him to the food pantry to deliver his treats.  I am so proud of him, so very proud of him.
Hope you had a Happy Halloween.
And Happy Birthday to my sister, Ash!

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