Sunday, December 2, 2012

Santa's Village {2nd Annual}

Gia, TG and I took Griffin for the second year to Santa's Village.  You can see our 2011 Santa's Village trip here.
Once again Griffin loved the A-Z elves.  He had so much fun finding all the lettered elves. 
Of course, the G was his favorite letter to find!
He feed the reindeer cookies.  They were so sweet and pretty. 
Griffin was much more adventuresome about rides this year.  He wanted to go on the roller coaster and he did.  I think it will be a long time before he goes on another one.  He did not like it.  He thought it went too fast.  I was surprised at how fast it went, too. He cheered when the ride was over.
Our favorite ride for the second year in a row was the sleigh ride.  This year it was a beautiful ride with the light layer of snow blanketing the area.  {Not a great picture because it is a picture of a picture.}
Griffin sat timidly on Santa's lap.  He told Santa that he has been a good boy and that he wants a transformer for Christmas {seriously, Santa had no idea he wanted a transformer... looks like Santa has to get the elves working on that request.}  And, why does seeing my sweet boy sitting on Santa's lap bring tears to my eyes.  It is so sweet to see.  {Again, a picture of a picture.}
Griffin and I took our picture here last year so we had to take it again.
Thank you TG and Gia for such a wonderful day.  It is a truly special day and one that we are sure to never forget.
Griffin,  thank you for being such a delight to be with.  I love seeing the joy, excitement and anticipation for Christmas through your eyes.  You are one loved little boy. 
I will cherish the memory of today and look forward to our Santa's Village 2013 trip. 

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