Thursday, December 27, 2012

Winter Wonderland

It has been snowing all morning long and unlike Christmas, the snow is really accumulating.  Rob just shoveled the walkway about 30 minutes ago and you can't tell now.
I have officially declared it a pajama day.  Griffin and I are cozy in the house.  Griffin is enjoying his new gifts.  I have spent the morning getting the house back to a before Christmas state.  I have taken all most of the Christmas decorations down.  Now my house looks bare and I need to get some inspiration for a Winter mantel.
The big boys are playing out in the snow with their friends.  I don't think they will last long because the snow is really coming down and it is windy!
C.C. is enjoying having everyone home and playing with her new Christmas toy.
I will be happy when my family members are all home from work safely.  It is so beautiful out and I am so happy to be forced to have a relaxed day.  I will enjoy it today because we have a big hockey tournament this weekend that will keep us really busy.

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