Saturday, January 12, 2013

Weekend Randoms

  • This week may have been one of the busiest ever at work.  It was CRAZY.  I came home exhausted on the 3 days I work. 
  • Griffin's teacher, at a meeting, told us how smart he is.  I just love hearing how well he is doing in school.
  • I got a tetanus shot on Thursday.  The shot did not hurt but YOWSERS my arm kills now.  I thought it would feel better today, but no.
  • We have signed Trevor up for his first ever sleep over camp.  This summer he will be going to a math and science camp that is over FIVE hours away.  I know he is ready but I sure am going to miss him.  Now if I could only find an sleep over camp for Nolan... just kidding... kind of?!?  Nolan says he does not want to go to any camps this summer, but I think he will be going to a few.
  • We have started planning a trip to Disney.  I have the unofficial guide and I have started reading it cover to cover.  Is it just me or is planning a trip {almost} as much fun as the trip itself?
  • Last night was a great soccer night for the boys.  Trevor played well and scored a goal.  Nolan was bulldozing everyone and got two assists.
  • Tonight Trevor is headed to a friends for a sleep over and the rest of us our headed to the USM hockey game.  Go Huskies!
  • Tomorrow Nolan has two hockey games and then we will spend the afternoon cheering for the Patriots.  Have a great weekend!

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