Thursday, February 21, 2013

Insta Update

Nolan had a great weekend in his hockey tournament.  His team made it to the semi-finals!  I love what Rob posted on facebook.  The boys had a great weekend.  I am sad I was not there but happy that they had a "guys" weekend.  {The state hockey finals deserve a post of its own which will be coming.}
I spent the weekend in NYC.  Aside from spending the weekend with my favorite, favorite girls in the world, I ate the most delicious cupcakes.  Sprinkles Cupcakes, I am in love!! Seriously, the. best. cupcakes. ever.
I also got to see the best play ever!  My sister and I went to see Annie on Broadway.  If I had a bucket list, this would have been one of the top things.  I have loved Annie since I was a little girl.  The play was amazing.  Ash and I am planning our return trip to see it again {only in better seats}.
On the way home from NYC, we stopped in CT and saw the bench my mother had dedicated to my Grammy and Poppy.  It is lovely overlooking the water.  The bench is pushed up to the the massive amounts of snow, but still pretty in a great location.
Trevor, Nolan and I spent the day together.  It was so nice to hang out with my big boys without any fighting.  We went to the movies and saw Escape from Planet Earth.  It was a very cute movie.  It was very fitting to take my boys to since the movie was about brothers, and, yup, I cried.  Why do I always cry in these animated movies?!?
Trevor and Nolan had afternoon dentist appointment and both are cavity free.  YAY!

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