Sunday, February 24, 2013

The Perfect Snow

Every snow storm we have had {and we have had a lot}
Griffin has asked to build a snowman.  Well, today was the perfect snow for a snowman.
It is a beautiful, wet, heavy snow that is sticking to all the branches.  It is a winter wonderland.
We built our snowman.  Trevor, Rob and I rolled the head and body.  Griffin and Nolan decorated Frosty. 
Then I tried to snap a picture of the boys with the snowman but my lens was wet and it did not turn out.  Big Bummer. 
Frosty will probably be covered in snow soon since the flakes are still falling.
It was fun while it lasted.  Griffin can finally say he made his snowman.
And then the weight of the snow was realized as I attempted to shovel and Rob did shovel the front walk.

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