Monday, February 11, 2013

The Weekend

We got a  TON of snow this weekend
{35.5 inches to be exact}!
In order to not go insane, we played lots of games, baked cookies and lounged around.

The snow stopped late Saturday afternoon and Nolan played in 3 hockey games bright and early Sunday morning.
We were out of the house by 5am, played and WON three hockey games and home by 9:30am.
Winning those three games put Nolan and his team seed 1 going into the finals for the tournament. And I have no pictures of the hockey games, I was too busy trying to stay awake and warm! They play again tomorrow and if they win, the team will be headed to Bangor to play in the state tournament.
Sunday afternoon we went out to shovel some.  We shoveled out the fire hydrant on the edge of our property, only to find that the plow had knocked it off its post.  The big fire truck was rolling down our street just as I was about to call them to let them know about the little plow mishap.  The firemen were so nice and young {they looked all of 15}!  I took the opportunity to prop Griffin up on the front of the fire truck for a photo.  He was not feeling it though, that truck is loud!!!
This morning I woke to this beautiful sunrise.  And now as I type this it is snowing again.  Seriously, I love the snow but we have enough!!!

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