Friday, February 8, 2013

Thoughts during Storm Nemo

  • I have never been in such a huge storm.  Twenty-four inches of snow in one storm is a lot of snow. 
  • I am not sure how I am going to survive the next 24 hours stuck at home.  I am already stir crazy and it is just snowing; the blizzard has not even hit yet.  I think I will/can survive it as long as we keep our power {please, please}!
  • Griffin and I had a date to go see Disney on Ice tomorrow.  Unfortunately it has been cancelled and I sat on hold with the CCCC trying to figure out what I am supposed to do with my tickets.  After waiting on hold for 20 minutes, the phone starts ringing {I'm all excited that I am finally getting through} only to get a recording saying the box office is now closed.  Arghhhhh. I am going to have one disappointed little boy ;(.
  • The boys and I went out to shovel.  We are back inside now warning up and you can hardly tell we even shoveled.  Oh, well. 
  • Nolan has a hockey tournament tomorrow.  His first game is supposed to be at 7:10 in the morning.  I'm sure this will be cancelled, too.  So, I will have two disappointed boys.
  • On the bright side, it is beautiful out and I will enjoy some down time with my 4 favorite boys!

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