Monday, March 18, 2013

End of the Hockey Season

This weekend, Nolan laced his skates and taped his stick to play in the final tournament of the season with his incredible Thrashers team.
He had an amazing season.  Walking into the locker room on the first day of the season, Nolan did not recognize a single face.  He has ended the season with many new friends.
The team played so well together.  They won all but three games {I think}. 
Nolan has improved his skating and stick handling.  He has increased his love/obsession of hockey {as if that was even possible}.  He wishes he could play hockey year round.
Next weekend, Nolan plays in one final tournament with a different group of kids and then we will focus on soccer until Nolan can get back on the ice. 
October can't come soon enough for my hockey loving boy!

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