Friday, April 19, 2013


After about 40 hours of on and off pain in Trevor's lower right side of his abdomen, I decided to take him to the doctor.  At times he was hunched over in pain and I just had a feeling something was not right.
I tried many times to make myself believe it was not appendicitis because he could bend over and the pain was not constant.  As soon as we arrived at urgent care, I started to just know he had appendicitis (I had deja vu because we were in the same waiting room months before with Debbie when she was diagnosed with acute appendicitis).
An ultrasound confirmed that Trevor had acute appendicitis.  Trevor and I headed directly to the hospital to have his appendix removed.
Trevor was so scared (and so was I), but he was so brave and strong (unlike me, I was trying to hold it together but was a mess).
Surgery went well and Trevor is home recovering.  He is glad it is over and wants to put it all behind him.  We can't wait to see him up and about again in a few days, but not nearly as excited as he will be to be up and about.
This has been a hard couple months for Trevor.  He had his ear surgery in November and last week we found out he will have to repeat the surgery to fix the graft.  His middle ear collapsed, so they will go in and graft with cartilage this time.  He is not too happy to have 3 surgeries in 9 months.  Enough already.  Hopefully after this second ear surgery in July we will have a nice heathy stretch!

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