Monday, April 1, 2013

Easter {2013}

We had a wonderful Easter.
The sun was shinning and Spring was in the air.
The boys were excited for their Easter baskets and a day spent with family.
Trying to get a good picture of each of the boys is so difficult
And trying to get a picture of the three of them together is next to impossible.
It also does not help that my camera settings were all messed up on Easter and all my pictures are a little blurry.
I love all the Easter baskets.  So pretty.  At our home, the adults get a few treats for Easter, too.
Trevor and his basket.  Not only did the Easter bunny bring Trevor some yummy treats, he also brought him a shirt, shower gel and a computer game.
This is the face of a very excited boy.  He has been wanting a composite knee hockey stick for quite a while now and the Easter bunny brought him one.  He also got some hockey puck lights, knee hockey balls, shower stuff and some candy.
Griffin is so excited to check out all his goodies.  In his Easter basket, Griffin found a jelly cat puppy (the softest puppy ever), a planet game, a pirate puzzle, light up rubber ducky, some fun bath stuff and some sweet treats.
After baskets, the boys were off to search for eggs.
We had a wonderful meal, played games and enjoyed spending the day with our family.
As always, it was a wonderful Easter.

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