Friday, May 17, 2013

The Week

I can't believe it is already Friday.  I have so much to do over the next few days. 

I am loving that it is starting to get warmer and flowers are starting to bloom.  My tree out front is starting to look so nice.
I don't like that all this blooming is causing Trevor to suffer horribly from allergies.  A few new prescriptions he got today hopefully will clear it all up.
You are looking at the new Vice President of his class.  Not sure why elections were a month before school is out but Nolan is thrilled to be the VP for the next month.  He sang a song for his speech and gave out candy to his classmates.  He thinks the bribing may have helped :).
On Tuesday, Trevor, my odyssey team and I are headed to World finals in Michigan.  The kids are beyond excited and I can't wait to see them experience this adventure. 
Have a wonderful weekend.

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