Saturday, June 8, 2013

Griffin's Oral Surgery

This is a very boring post, but for documentation sake, I feel I must write it.

Griffin had some oral surgery yesterday.  There have been some issues with his back teeth due to extreme crowding.  His back teeth had many cavities between the teeth since they are so tight together.  The doctor said his hygiene is great, which makes me feel better.  I was feeling a lot of guilt about all this.

He had this dental work under general anesthesia due to his age and the amount of work that was required.
He was so sweet and cuddly before surgery.  He was really good but I could tell he was nervous.  I went back into the OR with him and held him (tight) while they put him to sleep with the mask.  I have done this before but it is never, ever easy.  It is so hard watching your baby thrash about and eyes roll back in the head (all normal when receiving the anesthesia). After I gave him kisses and told him I loved him, the doctors took him from my arms and escorted me out of the OR.
He did great in the 1 hour 40 minute surgery.  (Way too long for me).  We went back to recovery before he woke and waited for him to wake up.  We waited and waited almost a full hour.  It was good he slept that long because he woke calm and ready for a drink.
After being awake for a few minutes they removed all the leads and the IV and shorty after we were out of there.  Griffin was so happy to be in my arms and headed home.

Unfortunately, in a month we will be back there for another surgery.

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