Friday, June 21, 2013

This Week...

  • Trevor and Nolan have enjoyed their first week of summer break.
  • We have been cheering for the Bruins and will continue to until they win the Stanley Cup!!!!
  • Trevor has been preparing and packing for a week at camp.  He leaves tomorrow :( and I will pick him up the following Saturday.  This is the first time he will be away for so long.  He is excited.  I am excited but a little sad, too.  I will miss him.
  • The boys had their pictures taken at the beach.  I hope the pictures from the photographer turn out better than the ones I took.  The sun was in their eyes but I loved how they all spontaneously climbed up on this rock.
  • Griffin found out he has Amy for kindergarten and we are all thrilled.  It will be a great year.
  • Nolan had a fun "hang out" (I was told it is not a "play date") with one of his best friends.
  • We decided to have a picnic dinner of pizza while we were at the beach.  The weather was perfect and the view amazing!
  • Trevor did some practice math work.  He is going to be in an algebra class next year.  Since he is missing regular 7th grade math, he needs to make sure he is up to speed on all that he is missing.
  • We found out we will be spending every possible weekend on Long Pond.
  • Was a good week.  I hope yours was too.

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