Monday, July 15, 2013


  • Trevor is doing great.  He has little to no pain at this point.  He has spent a lot of quiet time on his computer, vita or in front of the TV.  That is all he can really do though.  He is not to do any physical activity for a month. Thankfully he is good at being calm and entertaining himself.
  • Griffin hopefully will be turning a corner soon.  He was great the day after surgery and we were so hopeful that he would not experience much pain.  Well on day three, the pain kicked in and he has experienced pain for all or a portion of each day since.  He hates the medicine and it is usually quite a struggle to get him to take it.  Today he begged me to give it to him and it was not even time to take it yet.  I am hoping this is the end of it and he will have this behind him really soon.  He has been so sweet even when he is miserable.  One huge blessing is that he has been sleeping really well at night!
  • Rob and I did get out for awhile yesterday to go to his cousin's wedding in Boston.  The venue was pretty, they had a 21 piece swing band and a food truck for the caterer {which was way cool}. I only wish it were about 20 degrees cooler.  It was hot {in the 90's} and humid and the wedding was all outside.
  • We brought Nolan home with us.  He had been at Nana's and Papa's since Tuesday.  We sure missed him.  The house is not the same without him. He had a great time with them and did lots of fun things: mini golfing, the aquarium, TD Bank Garden {where the Bruins play} and the zoo.  The life I tell you!  Thanks Nana and Papa for showing Nolan such a great time.
  • On our way home from Boston, we stopped at Sonic.  I wish there was one closer to us, or maybe it is good that it is not. It is so good.  Nolan had a peanut butter, bacon shake.  It was quite interesting. 
  • We are so excited for this weekend!  We are moving our furniture into the lake house!  Wooo hooo.  We can't wait to be spending our free time on the lake at our new home!
  • Well, I think this post is sufficiently random and on the boring side, but wanted to document what has been going on lately...

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