Thursday, July 11, 2013

Surgery Day {x2}

I have been dreading today.  Trevor and Griffin were both scheduled to have surgery.  It is hard enough to have one of your children have surgery, let alone two on the same day.  Also, Griffin had to have his tonsils out, which is a painful surgery.  I had it done as a child and remember how horrible it was.  Luckily {thus far}, it has not been as bad as I thought.  It has been a long day and there have been some tough moments, but now that we are home we are all feeling okay.
Griffin was scheduled for surgery at 9:15.  He had his tonsils out and his 4th set of tubes placed in his ears.  He was so brave going into surgery and the resident anaesthesiologist was amazing. He let Griffin play a Sonic Rush game on his iphone. Griffin was so distracted by the game that he easily went to sleep {huge blessing}.
He woke very, very agitated!  It was so difficult to see.  He was thrashing around and coughing and did not want anyone to touch him.  It was heart breaking for me and I tried my best to comfort him as tears streamed down my face.  After some more IV meds, he finally settled down and took a good nap on my arm.  He was great after waking from the nap. He watched tv and had some slushies.  After even more slushies, he got his walking papers and took the wagon with the cup holder {per his insistence} to the car and he and daddy were off.
Trevor was a trooper per usual.  He was nervous and apprehensive but handled it all with such bravery.  The IV went in on the first try and that made Trevor very happy.  I was with Griffin when he went off to surgery, but Rob saw him off.  It seemed like it took forever, but about two hours later, he was in recovery!  He woke with a lot of pain but was calm and patient.  Once we got on top of the meds, he was out of there.
We are all home now.  The boys seem to be feeling okay.  Both are tired and groggy but all is good.  I hope they continue on this trajectory and are back to themselves in no time!

Nolan is having a great time at Nana's and Papa's, but we miss him.

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