Monday, August 26, 2013

Go Fly a Kite

Griffin has been asking for months now to go fly a kite. Yesterday, he could not wait any longer.  The weather may have not been perfect for kite flying but there was a little bit of wind.
Rob was able to get the kite up in the air but it did not stay there for too long.  But it was long enough to make Griffin happy.  He was so excited, jumping up and down, smiling and laughing. (My mom and I were on the deck watching the kite flying commenting on what a happy boy Griffin has always been.  The majority of the time Griffin is so happy.  He is such a sweet boy).
Griffin gave kite flying a try.  He did get the kite off the ground once or twice but only for a very brief time.  That was okay by him.  He was tickled pink by his kite flying ability.
After running in circles over and over, he handed the string back to daddy for another try.  
Tomorrow Griffin starts kindergarten.  It is amazing how quickly the years go by.  

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