Friday, October 25, 2013

Checking In

I know broken record, but we have been so busy. 
With hockey starting before soccer ending makes for a very full schedule.  Nolan has started hockey on two teams this year.  He is playing on the middle school team and for the Huskies as a second year squirt.
Soccer should be coming to an end soon. Trevor's team is in the playoffs and they need to win the game tomorrow to advance to the next round. Is it bad that part of me would not mind if the lost? I really do hope they win though. I know Trevor is really hoping for a win. Nolan has 3 games at the end of the year festival on Sunday.
Today we had Trevor and Nolan's conferences. It is so nice to hear they boys are doing well.  Both are head of where then need to be and are great kids in school.  Nolan's teacher sees him as one of the leaders in the class and wishes he gave himself more credit for what he is capable of.  Trevor is doing great in all his classes.  Algebra has been a little more challenging then he his used to but he is doing well.
Nolan and I are making a quick one night get away to camp tonight.  Here's to hoping there are still brightly colored autumn leaves on the trees. 

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