Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Clifford Comes for a Weekend Visit

Griffin's class has a Clifford the dog stuffed animal that rotates through the kids for a weekend with them.

This weekend was Griffin's turn to bring Clifford home and, boy, was he excited. He told me we had to do something fun with Clifford every day.  
We started Friday night with ice cream.
Saturday we had soccer so Clifford had to cheer on Griffin and his brothers at their games.
After soccer, we went to the pumpkin patch with him. Griffin even got a little pumpkin for Clifford.

Sunday we forgot to do something special with Clifford. He did help Rob vacuum his car out. He also got to watch some more of the big boy's soccer games.
On Monday, he went to the car dealership with us.  Griffin loved this convertible.  He does not understand why we can't buy that car {not so family friendly}. Clifford enjoyed going for a spin in it with Griffin though.

Nolan loved having Clifford. He found it a good excuse to get to get ice cream.  
We had to document his weekend with pictures.  Clifford was a good house guest.  I know Griffin looks forward to having him come to our house again.

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