Saturday, October 12, 2013

Disney {Day 3}

We started our third day at Disney World at the 
Animal Kingdom.
We started the day by getting Griffin a stroller.  He had been such a trooper keeping up with us for the first two days but by day three, he was tired of walking and was having a difficult time keeping up.  The stroller was perfect.  Griffin loved the ride and we were happy to not have to wait for him or worse yet carry him all day. It was perfect to get the stroller this day because there seems to be a lot of walking at the Animal Kingdom.

We started with the Safari ride to see all the animals.  We saw lots of animals.  Since I had never been to the this park, I did not know what to expect but others on the safari with us could not believe how many animals they saw compared to previous trips.  

After the safari ride, we went over to the dinosaur area.  Griffin had fun on the dinosaur ride {don't know the name, but the ride is just like Dumbo only with dino's instead}.  Trevor, Nolan and I went on a roller coaster and Nolan won a sabertooth tiger stuffed animal for Griffin in a carnival game.  
Trevor and I headed over to ride Mount Everest.  The ride was awesome.  We loved how it went forwards and backwards.  We would have liked to ride it again but the line was too long.  We had lunch and then headed back to the
Magic Kingdom.  The kids were not too impressed with the Animal Kingdom and wanted to get back to their favorite place. 

We had a wonderful {the best of the week} meal at the California Grill.  The dessert was so good and the view was spectacular.
After a excellent dinner, we called it a night.

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