Sunday, October 13, 2013

Disney {Day 4}

We started the morning having breakfast at Chef Mickey
with some of Disney's most beloved characters.

{Griffin's favorite of the fab five} Donald,
and Mickey's loyal dog, Pluto.

Mickey shaped waffles and napkins waving in the air made this morning very memorable!
After breakfast, we headed back to the boy's favorite park for another go round on some of our favorite rides.

We had the opportunity the hang with some of our favorite toys, Woody and Jesse. I love that Griffin has Woody by the hand...too cute!

And what luck, while Rob and the big boys were on rocketing above Tomorrow land, Griffin and I ran into his all time favorite, Stitch.  He had been looking high and low for him so we were quite fortunate to meet up with him.

We left the park around dinner time to head back to our resort for some swimming. It was a perfect end to a great day... the boys splashing around while I had a cocktail at the pool bar.

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