Monday, October 14, 2013

Disney {Day 5}

We woke bright and early to wait for the shuttle spent the day at 
Hollywood Studios!
I thought Hollywood Studios was very cute.  We really enjoyed this park. Two of our most favorite rides were at this park.
We started the day by meeting Daisy. Griffin loved all the characters but seemed the least interested in Daisy.
We fast passed the Aerosmith ride, Rock and Roller Coaster, but when we got there we were a few minutes early for our fast pass and the line wait was only 20 minutes.  After Nolan got his courage {he was not sure about this ride} he got in line with Trevor and me to rock out with Aerosmith.  The line was much longer then the promised 20 minutes. Rob and Griffin were seated for the Beauty and the Beast show when we finally got off the ride.  Since we knew we would not be able to sit with them for the show, the big boys and I decided to catch the limo again for another ride on the Rock and Roller Coaster. Because really who wouldn't want to take off at 60 miles an hour for a upside down corkscrew with wind blowing at you and Love in an Elevator blaring in your ears {twice}.  The ride was a lot of fun.  One of Trevor and Nolan's favorite, if not favorite.
We took a tour through the back lot of Hollywood Studios. We got to see some of the planes from the movie Planes and
watch a set flood.  Nolan was laughing as the water came roaring towards him.  
We also got a good view of the Disney water tower. Of course, it is has ears!

Our other favorite ride was Toy Story Mania.  It was so much fun, so much fun that we fast passed it three times. This ride had a rediculous wait time so we were lucky to score three fast passes to use on this ride.

We had a chance to visit our friends at MU. It was a little disappointing to Griffin that the Monsters don't autograph. {Disney needs to work on this... seriously, Buzz stamps the autograph book, can't Mike and Sully stamp, too?}
Griffin also gave two thumbs up to Lightning and Mater.

We had dinner at Hollywood and Vine with the hopes of meeting Jake and the Neverland Pirates.  Unfortunately, Jake does not make an appearance at dinner.  This was quite disappointing because we never caught up with Jake. The food here was also disappointing... not good at all.  We did get tickets to the Fantasmic show with special seating.

This show was great.  We were in the second row and got a little wet but the effects, fireworks and characters were fun to see all in one place.
We really enjoyed this park.  It was definitely our second favorite park with two of our all time favorite rides!

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