Thursday, October 31, 2013

Halloween 2013

We had a great Halloween with our traditional meatball subs, too much candy and lots of cute and some scary trick-or-treaters.
Nolan was a scary, I don't know what. He thought his mask was rather cool.  Me, not so much. He went out to terrorize trick-or-treat in the neighborhood with a friend of his.  He was big time since he did not have an adult with him and he came home with much, too much, candy.  Enough candy to last until next Halloween.
Trevor, last minute, decided to dress up as a gladiator.  Mind you it was 50 degrees out, raining and Trevor had next to nothing on.  He would not listen to my suggestion of wearing something under the costume and he came home very wet and cold.
Griffin was an adorable robot.  He had the robot dance down and it was cute! He is so excited about all his candy.  He was quick to give TG all the candy he did not like, which was all of 2 pieces.
I think by the tons of candy and the smiles on their faces, they had a great Halloween.  Hope yours was filled with lots of treats and no tricks!

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