Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Pumpkin Carving

Griffin has been asking for days and days if we could carve pumpkins. Tonight was {finally} an unscheduled night, so we filled it with pumpkin guts and carving kits.

Griffin wanted a scary pumpkin.  Since I was helping him carve his pumpkin, I talked him into the very scary, one pumpkin difficulty bat.  He is thrilled and I much appreciated that it did not take a masters degree in art to carve.

Nolan enlisted the help of his dad.  Rob is the worlds fastest pumpkin carver {read between the lines: he does not have the pumpkin carving gene or the patience. He would rather be the DJ spinning some Halloween tunes}. Nolan's pumpkin is the grim reaper.  He is into all things spooky this year.

Trevor decided to carve his pumpkin himself this year.  He did a great job and only needed a little help.  He carved an open coffin.

Bring on the costumes and the candy, we are ready for Halloween!

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