Sunday, November 3, 2013

This Weekend

This weekend we took pictures of the boys in hopes to get a good picture for your Christmas card.  I did indeed get one, it is not perfect, but it is fine.
This weekend we celebrated my sister.  Friday night we had a great surprise party, that was truly a surprise, at my home for her birthday.

This weekend Nolan has had hockey practice both Saturday and Sunday.  This week he has something like 6 practices.  Hockey is back!
This weekend we set our clocks back and I am very sad.  I hate it getting dark at 4 in the afternoon.

This weekend grades closed at the middle school and Trevor once again made honors. We are very proud of him since he is in a very advanced math class that is a challenge.
This weekend I got to go shopping with my mom and sister.  I am starting to think about Christmas.

This weekend was a very nice weekend.

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