Monday, December 30, 2013

A Weekend Full of Hockey

We spent the majority of the weekend at the hockey rink.
Nolan participated in a tournament. He had three games between Saturday and Sunday, and they won 2 and tied one.  This put them in second going into the semi-finals that started Monday morning.
Then Sunday afternoon, he had a middle school game.  They won that game!

Monday was the semi-final game. The boys played great!  They had many shots on goal against a difficult team. The game ended in a tie which lead to an overtime sudden death period. {It was very reminisant of the final game in this same tournament last year, where they were ahead the entire game only to be tied up in the last seconds. They then lost in OT.}  This game no goals were scored in sudden death so it went to a shoot out. Three kids were selected to play in the shoot out.  Nolan was one of them.  They lost after missing the first two shots because the other team made both of their shots. Nolan never got his chance to take a shot in the shoot out.
We were all so disappointed up in the stands. The boys fought hard and it was tough to lose in a shoot out. I was so afraid Nolan would be devistated.  He actually handled it really well. He was most disappointed that he did not get to his chance in the shoot out.
The boys should be proud.  They played hard and clean.
Way to go Huskies!

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