Friday, December 27, 2013

Christmas Day

I have put off doing my Christmas post because I just don't want to believe that Christmas is over.
Santa came and I would say that there were lots of good boys and girls in house by the amount of gifts under the tree.  Every year we talk about how we overdo it, but I think we all love it so much that there really is no other option.

Nolan was beyond excited to see a hamster under the tree, his #2 gift on his list.  He also got an iPad mini (#1 on the list), games, a new hockey bag (his broke 2 weeks before Xmas), a popcorn popper (big hit), personalized Bruins picture for his wall, clothes and lots other stuff too.

Griffin was so cute and thankful for everything he got.  He practically jumped for joy after each stocking stuffer and present he opened. Griffin got an iPad mini, a marble maze, games, an electronic dino, Carcade race track, basketball shoes, Wii and DS games and much more.  

For Trevor, it was the year of music. He got Dre beats and a Dre pill with a funny stand for the pill, He got gift cards, indoor soccer cleats, a soccer ball, Walking Dead book and game and some other stuff as well.

It was a great Christmas spent with the family.  We relaxed all day, playing game and enjoying each others company.  We had a wonderful dinner of prime rib, lobster, Caesar salad and risotto.  {We just need to remember to get less prime rib and lobster next year. We had way too much food!} 
And we enjoyed the entire day in our pajamas.  It was the first year we spent the whole day in pj's and it was great. I say it every year but there is nothing more to say other than BLESSED.  We are truly blessed.  The day was perfect.

This weekend we will be taking all the Christmas decorations down and I am always a little sad after Christmas.  It is my favorite time of the year and it just goes by too fast.  I will keep the memories with me and look forward to next Christmas.

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