Monday, December 9, 2013

Hockey, Hockey, Hockey

Hockey is back and has been for awhile.
I have not posted much about hockey this season, but I guess that is because if I am not sleeping or working, I am at the rink for practices and games.
Nolan still is absolutely loving the sport.  He has practice 3 days a week and 3-4 games a weekend and he would be happy if there were more games and practices in a week. Who needs sleep?
And, of course, in all his free time he wants to be watching a high school or college game. I love taking him to high school games.  Nolan transforms into a kid I don't know. Nolan rarely sits for long.  He is energy all the time, but when he is at a hockey game, as a spectator, he is still as can be and concentrates like nothing I have ever seen.  He will sit by himself so he can give the game undivided attention. He really watches intently and after the game he will tell us about the players he likes. 
Yesterday, he got his first penalty of the year for tripping
and in the same game this bad boy was broken by a big slash. And the kid that slashed it did not even receive a penalty. Nolan was not happy. Nor was I.  These bad boys are pricey. His sadness quickly turned to happiness when he was able to pick a new stick.  And at 100+ dollars, lets hope this one is safe from slashing for quite awhile.
I am so glad that Nolan is loving hockey. I know I am loving watching him play. Our schedule for the next few months is hockey, hockey, hockey and we would have it no other way.

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