Sunday, December 8, 2013

Santa's Village {Third Annual}

Griffin was very excited about our trip to the "North Pole" as he called it.  He wanted to know if there would be snow there and how long it would take because the North Pole is far away.
Well, there was no snow at Santa's Village but we did have snow flurries all day long which just added to the magic of the day.

We once again had a wonderful time with Gia and TG. Griffin was much more courageous about going on rides this year.  I guess that is what a week at Disney will do for you.  

We went on some rides we have never been on before like Santa's flight school and the tea cups.
And, of course, we went on our favorite, Santa's Sleigh Ride.  This is a picture of a picture but you can see last year's picture here and 2011 here.

We fed Santa's reindeer.  Griffin had been looking forward to feeding Rudolph all week. The reindeer are so calm and beautiful.

We waited a long time to see Santa but it was well worth it.  Griffin was telling me that he was not going to tell me what he wanted for Christmas, that it was a secret for Santa.  On our way to Santa's Village, he decided to tell me that he was going to ask Santa for the two pickle books {say what, don't know what those are but I am sure Santa will be researching it} and a new snow globe {really?}.  But when he got on Santa's lap, he told him he wanted an iphone {SAY WHAT?}.  Santa was great and told him that Santa did not bring iphones to boys his age but he would be sure to surprise him with something special {I owe Santa big time}. Anyways, something about seeing my babies on Santa's lap brings tears to my eyes every single time.
Griffin once again loved all the Alphabet elves. He told us the letter of each one and other names or words that start with that letter.  On our first trip, he was just starting to recognize some letters. His favorite was G and he gave him a big hug.

I had to have my picture taken with Griffin and the big snowman.  This is the third year sitting in his hand.  Well, actually this year Griffin wanted to sit in his hand alone so I stood along side {at least he still wants me in his picture}.
Unfortunately, the weather was much colder than ideal.  We did everything we really wanted to do but not much more than that. Once again, we had a wonderful trip. We are looking forward to going again next year.

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