Saturday, December 21, 2013

Snow Fun

Today after hockey and braving the craziness at the stores,
we spent the afternoon out it the snow.
It was a beautiful day.
Sun Shinning and 40's.
Griffin wanted to build a snowman

but first he had to partake in many a snowball fight. He thought it was so fun.  He could hardly throw a snowball because he would get laughing so much.
Finally, Dad did the heavy rolling and lifting of snow to make the {not so perfect} snowman.  I, of course, stood back with my camera and gave him orders. {The snowman was very disproportional!}

Even CC had fun in the snow.

Nolan likes to put the snowman's pipe in his mouth. He does this every. single. year. And who knows why he is wearing this wig.
It was a fun day in the snow. Now we cozy in the house awaiting an ice storm.
Electronics are charging and flashlights are out in case we lose power.
For all our sanity, please just be a quick little ice storm and leave us with power and heat!

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