Sunday, January 26, 2014

Griffin's Family Birthday Party

We celebrated this sweet boy's sixth birthday with family yesterday.
It was a nice, low key celebration for the happiest, silliest, cutest {soon to be} six year old ever!
We had a delicious lunch, cake and presents.
I have remained pretty silent on my baby turning six. I am not sure what there is to say that I have not yet said. Griffin has brought so much joy to our lives. He really is such a bright, happy boy. He is incredibly loving and I can't get over his beautiful brown eyes and long lashes, not to mention his sweet chubby cheeks. He is growing way to fast. Some days I just want to hold, love and smell him as that precious infant, but most of the time I am so happy where we are. I adore his personality and love seeing him become his own little person. This is all easier to accept, of course, because he tells me he will cuddle with me for always and ever. I just hope that is so.
Happy Birthday to one incredible little boy.
Griffin, you are so loved!

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