Monday, January 27, 2014

Hockey Sunday

Nolan was excited for his chance to be goalie.
He does not want to be goalie, but wanted to play just one game in net. He did not like it as much as he thought he would. {I think he had images of being the hero, stopping all the shots, which is just not realistic}.
He did a great job and would make a great goalie, but he is much more valuable out of net. He is an amazing defensive player and that is where he is the most value to his team.
He played in net and now is done with that. He told me last night he is over it and does not want to do it again. That was music to my ears for two reasons: I like watching him out on the ice much better and having your kid in net makes mom nervous!
He played a great game at his middle school game. He played offense which was a lot of fun for him.
He had many shots on net, unfortunately against a great goalie who stopped them all.
He did have many assists and the team won.
Next weekend we are playing in the round robin to determine who goes to the State Finals. 

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