Sunday, February 23, 2014

More Hockey

I am not sure what I am going to do with all my free weekends once hockey is over.
We had another fabulous weekend of hockey.
This weekend we were playing near camp so we spent the weekend at Somerset, which was wonderful.
In between games, we hung out at camp.
Nolan and his friend spent hours trying to make a hole in the ice for ice fishing.
They never got through the ice, but had fun trying.
Only a few more weeks of hockey.  It is always so bittersweet.
Next weekend we are off to Rockland for what is sure to be another fun filled hockey weekend!

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Rink Somerset

After shoveling lots and lots of heavy snow,
the pond is ready for some skating.
Nolan was thrilled to get out on the lake and skate.
He can't wait for this weekend when some of his friends are up to skate on the lake with him.

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Hockey State Finals

Rob, Nolan and I had a great time at the hockey state finals.
Nolan's team played three games {won one and lost two}.  We spent two fun packed nights in Bangor.
The kids had so much fun together. What a great group of young athletes. The parents are great too and we had many laughs over evening glasses of wine {or beer}.
Nolan played some great hockey. It is so much fun to watch him play, especially when he is is playing a great game.

The rinks were horrible, some of the worst ever. They were freezing cold and the glass was so foggy. It was impossible to get a decent picture.
They did not win the state tournament, but they had a blast and played some great, clean hockey.

The boys swam and worked out and had parties in rooms and played knee hockey. They just had a great weekend. One Nolan will never forget.

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Hockey Cookies

We could not possibly go the hockey state tournament without hockey cookies.
Thankfully, my mom was on board and made a ton of skate, jersey, puck and stick cookies. She was also in charge of frosting making. {Thanks Mom!}
I spent 4 hours decorating cookies.  It would have been six if I did not have the help of Debbie, Ash and Kelsey.
I think they turned out pretty cute. I wish I had done a few things differently. It was the first time doing the frosting this way so I would say it was pretty good for a first time.
I love how the skate turned out. I wish I had used different frosting to decorate the shirts. And Nolan insisted on the team members names on the sticks.
Today, Nolan and I bagged and wrapped the cookies for his team. Silly me, I forgot to take pictures on my camera before bagging them phone pictures it is. Nolan is looking forward to handing them out to his teammates at the hotel on Friday night.
Good luck Huskies!

Monday, February 3, 2014

Heading to the State Finals

Nolan had an incredible hockey weekend.
He played some of the best hockey he has ever played.
He supported his teammates when they were disappointed.
He {and his team} had some big wins.
Wins that qualify the team to head to Bangor for the State finals of hockey.
The team won the first two games which got them the #2 seed into the semi-finals game. They had a big win in the semi-finals which advanced them to the finals. They lost 2-1 in the finals {with a questionable goal by the other team... so I am calling it a tie}. Either way, the team is headed to state finals, wooohooo.
Nolan went with his team last year and had a blast.
I am so looking forward to experiencing this with him {I was not able to go last year}.

It is going to be fun. Spending the days and nights in a hotel with an indoor pool with all his teammates and playing his favorite sport of all time... this might be heaven on earth for my hockey obsessed boy, Nolan.