Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Hockey State Finals

Rob, Nolan and I had a great time at the hockey state finals.
Nolan's team played three games {won one and lost two}.  We spent two fun packed nights in Bangor.
The kids had so much fun together. What a great group of young athletes. The parents are great too and we had many laughs over evening glasses of wine {or beer}.
Nolan played some great hockey. It is so much fun to watch him play, especially when he is is playing a great game.

The rinks were horrible, some of the worst ever. They were freezing cold and the glass was so foggy. It was impossible to get a decent picture.
They did not win the state tournament, but they had a blast and played some great, clean hockey.

The boys swam and worked out and had parties in rooms and played knee hockey. They just had a great weekend. One Nolan will never forget.

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