Monday, March 31, 2014

A Little Thirteenth Birthday Celebration

It was a very busy weekend with Odyssey of the Mind State Finals. My super, amazing team of middle schoolers came in 3rd place.  Even though I think the deserved first, I could not be any more proud of them. And as of now, this was Trevor's last year participating, therefore my last year coaching. It is very bitter sweet and I will not fully believe it until he does not sign up for OM in the fall.

Anyways, Saturday night we had a little family celebration for the new teenager up at camp.
We ate at the local restaurant, Sunset Grill
and celebrated with cake
and presents back at Camp. {He got an Ipad, new Iphone, soccer jersey and money... just what he asked for}.

Trevor wants to go to Acadia National Park for his birthday. Hopefully we will get to do that this summer {if summer ever comes}.
It was so fun celebrating Trevor's thirteenth birthday.

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