Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Odyssey Reginal Finals

So I have been a blog slacker.

Broken record I know but I have been busy, busy, busy.

Trevor's incredible Odyssey team did a fantastic job at Reginal Finals.
They got first place on the long term problem and first place in style.

They got second place in spontaneous which {unfortunately} put them second place overall. That's okay though, they get to advance to State Finals.
The team is working hard to improve where they can and are practicing spontaneous.
And since I am coach, I am working hard to keep these 6 {almost} teens on task.  Not an easy job, but a very rewarding one.  I just adore these kids.

The team is up for the challenge and is hoping for a first place victory at states. I am kind of hoping for the same thing, too.

We will be working hard until States in two weeks.

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