Saturday, March 8, 2014

This and That

Just when we thought hockey was over (much to our disappointment) they scheduled one more game for his Huskies team. The team we absolutely love: love the coaches, the kids and parents. Tomorrow will officially be our last game, but we have vowed to continue to get together on a monthly basis. Middle school hockey is still going on. Nolan has a playoff game on the 17th.
Griffin the other night (as I was tucking him in) told me that he loves me more than a sandwich and a chicken patty. That is so serious loving. He is such a character.
It is beyond my comprehension, but Trevor is turning 13 this month... unreal!  A true teenager. He has been loving snow boarding this year. He can't get enough of it. I only wish we could get him to the slopes more often. He has been going weekly with the ski/snow boarding club and has been loving that.

Griffin is beyond excited to sleep in his bee tent tonight. As I was annoyed setting it up, Rob reminded me that this time is fleeting. I just can't believe how quickly the time is passing.

Nolan is facing his fears and trying out for travel hockey. I am so proud of him for making such a grown up decision. I know he is going to rock it. He is one incredible hockey player (in my humble opinion).

Odyssey is in full swing and by full swing I mean seriously behind. My team is just so last minute this year! Regional comp is this Saturday and States (if we make it) is in three weeks. I have made Rob promise to not let me coach next year... I need a break. Trevor thinks this will be his last year, too. I hope we can go out with a big bang (but I am not so confident of that).

Not sure what we are going to do now hockey is over. I have promised Rob that he will now have time to do some much needed painting and Griffin is going to play lacrosse (which may be the cutest thing ever).

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