Tuesday, April 22, 2014


We left our fancy Sunday best at home
and headed to camp to celebrate Easter.

I must also have traded in my camera for a mimosa and some deviled eggs because I did not take many pictures. And the pictures I did take are not great. Hello- light!
This boy was so excited about Easter. I love that I have one that still believes!

The boys made out this Easter. The bunny was very good to them. As Griffin said while on the egg hunt, "The Easter bunny must really like me!"

EB left eggs in the yard at camp and the boys made quick work of finding all of them.
Griffin's loot
Nolan's loot
Trevor's loot
The rest of the day was spent playing with the new treats from EB, relaxing, watching the Bruins, playing games and a eating a wonderful Easter dinner.

As always, it was a great, relaxing Easter spent with family.

Skiing and Riding

Saturday we headed to Saddleback for a day of skiing and riding.
It was Nolan and my first {and last} time skiing this winter.
We had a great time. Nolan is skiing like a champ. You could not tell that this was his first time skiing this season. He clearly picked up right where he left off. He is a confident skier. He has fun skiing backwards, which is just crazy to me.
When I wanted to take a break, he headed up the lifts by himself or with his brother.
I was so impressed with Trevor's boarding. I have not seen him ride all winter and boy has he improved. He is very comfortable and confident. He loves the terrain park. It is so much fun to watch him.

He pushed me to do more than I maybe would have otherwise. And I am so glad he did. I had a blast spending the day on the mountain with him, Nolan and my sister.
Griffin spent the day in lessons. He is improving so much.

Just look at that cute snow bunny!
I am always amazed at kids. They just go right down the mountain and make it look effortless.
And as for me... I did just fine until I decided that I might be able to go off a jump in the terrain park. The boys made it look so easy. I am proof that it is not easy. I took a big spill face first. It was rather entertaining as my sister can attest to. She wasted no time to grab her phone and snap a few pictures of me face first in the snow. I can't really blame her though. It was pretty funny and she is quick to point out that she made sure I was laughing before she started snapping pictures. {And no, I am not posting the pictures here on the good ol' blog}
I just love these three so very much! I can't wait until we are all heading up the lifts and down the mountain together.
And as a bonus on our way home we saw this incredible guy!

Friday, April 11, 2014


I can't get over how cute this is!!!
My adorable LAX player.
He is so excited for his first practice tonight.
This is his tough face!
He may not know how to catch, cradle or throw the ball
but he is going to look pretty darn cute trying!
I can't wait for to watch him play this season.

Monday, April 7, 2014

Weekend Recap

We had a very nice weekend at camp.
We had friends of ours up for the night.
Nolan helped our friends make pizza's for dinner. He had a blast throwing the dough in the air. Every day since he has asked to make pizzas. We may have a chef on our hands?!?
In the morning we headed to Sunset for breakfast. Griffin had a big plate of pancakes, strawberries and whip cream. Looks more like a dessert then a breakfast. Of course, he loved it.
Trevor had his friend up to camp for the weekend and they spent Sunday snow boarding. Trevor is absolutely loving snow boarding. He is hoping to snow boarding Easter weekend for a final time of the season. I am planning on skiing too. I can't wait to see how much he has improved!
CC loved the ride home. It was a beautiful spring day. CC loved having her head out the window.

And lastly this has nothing to do with the weekend but I am having such a hard time finding swim suits for the boys. The Easter bunny may want to bring them but can't find any I like for the big boys. Of course, Nolan only wants Under Armour but they are not yet making youth suits. I found a cute one for Griffin at Janie and Jack but I will have to continue to search for the big boys.

Have a great week!