Sunday, May 18, 2014

Day 16, 17 and 18 {The Weekend}

We spent a wonderful weekend up at camp.
I think we are finally getting a glimpse of the summer.  We put the boat in the water, wooohoooo.
Griffin wanted to go swimming so bad but the water was so cold. Finally, after hearing him whine about wanting to swim, I told him to go ahead. He put his suit on and headed outside with Dad. I never thought he would actually venture into the freezing water, but he did. He went all the way in the water and came quickly back out. Immediately after swimming, he was in the hot bath tub.
Nolan jumped in the water after kayaking with Ash. He is a crazy kid too.
We have fun on the boat. Dancing on the boat is back and better than ever. Griffin loves dancing on the boat and there is not much cuter than watching him get down on the party barge.
It was a great weekend even if it was a little chilly. I hope the weather is great next weekend for Memorial Day.

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