Friday, May 2, 2014

Day 2 {Lax scrimmage}

Griffin had his first lacrosse scrimmage of the season.
A couple of observations I made while watching.

First observation: It could be one of the cutest things to see. Some kids have no clue what they are doing out there and others look like they were born with sticks in their hands. Griffin {thankfully} was somewhere in the middle.

He was much better on defense than offense. He also cheated a little while on offense. He held the head of the stick in order to protect the ball. This is a no-no.
Second observation: after I got over how cute these little guys were was who thought it was a good idea to give six year old boys sticks. A bunch of little kids with sticks fighting over one ball sometimes got rather hairy.
Third observation: It is a good thing they wear helmets. The ball is hard and one did bounce off Griffin's helmet.
Fourth observation: These coaches are absolute saints. Not easy to coach a bunch of little's a complex game but they did great.
It was fun to watch these boys and I can only imagine it will become more fun as they come to understand the game.
Best part about it all was the smile on Griffin's face at the end of the game. He was only slightly disappointed that he did not score a goal. I assured him that with time he would.

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