Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Day 5 {Dentist and Cinco de Mayo} and Day 6 {C.C.}

So pictures are not going to well. In my defense, life has been too busy. I spent 5 hours registering kids for soccer yesterday... hardly picture taking opportunities. I did get 2 pictures on my iphone. 
Day 5
I did manage to capture this cutie after his dentist appointment {on my phone}. He is cavity free and has a wiggly tooth, too. He is very excited about the wiggly tooth, considering he has been telling me for months about his {non-existent} wiggly teeth.
I had lunch with my sister at a Mexican restaurant. Well because it was Cinco de Mayo and truthfully I could eat Mexican food every single day.

Day 6
I snapped a few pictures of C.C. When time is rushed, she is a good subject. She does not complain about me wanting to take her pictures and she sits still for about two minutes. 
So on a busy day like today, that was perfect.

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