Thursday, May 1, 2014

Photography Month

So I have been absent for awhile and it clearly has not gone unnoticed by Mom. She has commented more than once about my lack of blogging. Last week was not a blog worthy week. I had one sick kid after another. First Nolan was sick, then Griffin got it {and was he ever sick 105 temp}, then Trevor got it and I was lucky enough to get it last. Not fun I tell you. So instead of posting pictures of sick kids and poor me stories of taking temps, administering meds, catering to the needs of the sick and cleaning snot I just stayed away from the blog. Anyways, moving on to happier, healthier things!

Since it is photography month, I had this idea. I thought I would {try, really hard} to take a picture a day for the month of May in honor of photography month. This is not going to be easy for me. For one, I am a manic photographer. I will take lots of pictures for awhile and then I put my camera away and forget about it for awhile. I really would love to be more consistent. I also wish I took my camera with me more often. Secondly, I am my own worst critic. I am by no means a {real} photographer. I know very little about taking pictures but I do really love it. I would love to one day take a photography class. Okay, enough about that. The point of this post is that I am going to commit to taking a picture a day, hopefully on my real camera but there may be a day or two when the phone camera is the best I can do. I will post my pictures here, maybe not every day but I will post one picture a day for the month of May.

{Day One}
Today was a true spring day. It started grey and rainy but ended sunny and bright. The tulips on my deck are starting to bloom and they are just beautiful. And  after the loooonnnnggg winter we have had, these are a {very, very} welcome sight!
Happy May Day!

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