Thursday, June 5, 2014

Braces {Take 2}

You can read about the first time he got braces here {and, oh my, how young does he look}.
Nolan got his second and final {hopefully} set of braces.  He is starting with braces just on the top to make room for a tooth that does not have enough room to come down. After that tooth comes in, he will get braces on bottom, too to straighten and align all his teeth.
He was surprisingly good about all this. He is happy to have them now so he does not have to have them in high school.
I had to bribe him with ice cream to take a picture and as you can see he was oh so cooperative {typical Nolan}
And tomorrow my TEN YEAR OLD is going to his first school dance.  He is 10 going on 20 because he asked that we pick him up two blocks away from the school at the end of the dance. Oye why me???

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