Tuesday, June 17, 2014

This and That

~ Griffin had Donuts with Dads to celebrate Father's Day. I love that he thinks Rob is years older than me, haha. I also love that his father is angry when "his face turns red". Haha. He also would not trade his dad for "Stitch". Now that is a big deal, Griffin loves Stitch.

~The boys had step up day to find out who their teacher and classmates are for next year. Trevor got the team he wanted! Nolan got the team I wanted him to get, but per typical Nolan "he has no friends on his team". I have verified some of his friends are actually on his team. Griffin has Farley, a teacher that I think will be perfect for him. She is energetic, sweet and warm. Looks like next school year is going to be great.
~ My first peony has bloomed. I love, love peonies. They make me so happy.
~ One of my favorite holidays is the 4th of July. I have started putting flags just about anywhere I can.

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