Monday, June 9, 2014

Weekend Recap {Lake and Concert}

We had a beautiful, warm weekend at camp.
It really felt like summer. The lake is starting to come alive after a rather long winter.
We spent lots of time in the water, especially Griffin. He spent most of the day in the lake and when he would get out, he would not be out for long.
And when we were not swimming, we were Day Store tripping, fishing
boating and animal watching.
We are so looking forward to the summer at Somerset!
Sunday night Rob and I took Trevor to his first concert, Fitz and the Tantrums. It was great and Trevor thoroughly enjoyed it. It was a long night. We did not get home until 12:45 in the morning and that is late for me. I think it might take a week to recover from that.
We have a very busy week. Tonight is Nolan's Dare graduation and Thursday is his promotion to middle school. Griffin graduates from Kindergarten on Friday. It will be a big, emotional week for this mom.

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