Friday, July 25, 2014

A Luau

Griffin's school had a luau party yesterday and this sweet boy
Might be the cutest Hawaiian boy yet!
He loved his hat, but did not want to cooperate too long for the photographer.
Just too cute not to post!

Monday, July 14, 2014

Griffin Lately

~G-man has been obsessed with death. He had his poor daddy in tears the other day after his line of questioning about death. He wanted to know what would happen if his daddy and mommy died and he would not let it go. He continued with questions until he was satisfied with the answers.
~Today he asked me if he died and was born again if I would name him Chase, Rocket or Marshall instead of Griffin.

~ I picked G up from school early today to get a haircut. He wanted a faux hawk, so that is what he got.
~ G and I went to Build-A-Bear Workshop for his to make Michelangelo from TMNT. He loves it and thinks it is "so cool".

~ He wants to have a pickle birthday party. He has so serious love for the pickle. I asked him what a pickle birthday party would entail and he asked me if I knew what a pickle race was. I guessed it was a pickle eating race and he informed me that that is a competition not a race. Smarty pants. 
~ He is growing so very fast. He is such a character and still the cutest little guy around. I could not love him anymore!

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Same and Different

We spent another weekend at the lake. It seems like all my posts are about weekends at the lake. We are there a lot, I take pictures there and I love everything about Somerset.

We did a lot of the same...

Ice cream eating,

Taking in the beauty of our surroundings,
Enjoying sunsets,

Feeling BLESSED.

There was also some differences...

Nolan had one of his favorite friends, Ryan, up for the weekend. They spent lots of time island hoping on the lake. They named the islands they "conquered" RAN {Ryan And Nolan}.
We saw an amazing moon, a super moon.

We saw some adorable baby loons.
We saw this cool wood sailboat.

I picked Trevor up from camp. How is it possible that he leaves a 13 year old and comes home a 16 year old. He sounds older, he looks taller, he is acting more mature... say what?!? He had a very good, long conversation with me about this magnet school {MSSM} he would like to apply to for high school. He also just finished reading the Gate Keeper so he spent a long time talking to me about the college application process and where he would like to attend college. So mature I tell you. I am so proud of this boy and so blessed to be his mom.

We had another wonderful weekend. I am feeling very content and blessed.

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

First Lost Tooth

Griffin lost his first tooth today.
{Well, technically it is his second missing tooth. His first one, the one on the top, was removed during oral surgery because it was ancallous. It was injured and it was retreating back into his gums.}

Back to his first tooth he lost "naturally"...
Griffin was drinking milk when his wiggly bottom tooth fell out. He told me that he almost lost it because it fell out on his plate.
He has been waiting a long time for this day. Many of his friends had already lost multiple teeth.
Shhhhhh, don't tell Griff but the tooth fairy is going to leave him a note with a promise to go to Build-a-Bear and build Michaelanglo {TMNT}... it is his first tooth after all, a dollar {as he requested} just will not do.
He has the cutest jack-o-lantern grin now and he looks adorable {of course}.
It also means he is growing up {way too fast}!

UPDATE: Tonight Griffin seems like 3 years older. He is conversing with us like he is a grown up and using words that are wayyyy to big for a 6 year old. Since when did missing a tooth age you so much. I need to hit the pause button. Griffin, stop growing so fast, please-- okay?!?

Monday, July 7, 2014

4th of July Week at Camp

We spent a fun, relaxing week at camp.
This post is going to be picture intensive. Not a lot of words because camp is often the same week after week, which is just PERFECT.

We were looking forward to a 4th spent watching parades, participating in frog jumping contests and listening to live music while watching fireworks explode over the lake.

Unfortunately, storm Arthur had other plans. Instead we spent two very wet days inside camp watching the rain come down in sheets and the water level increase by the minute.

It was still a great week. Other than the two days of rain, we had great weather.

We swam, ate ice cream, jumped in the lake,
grilled delicious meals, basked in the sun,
and enjoyed time with family.

Griffin loves the water. He has become quite the fish. He is still a little bit nervous about jumping off the boat, but in no time he will be jumping with the rest of us. He has also really enjoyed fishing. He does not want the fish too close to him, but loves when they nibble on his line.

Nolan is in and out of the water all day long. He is all over the place. He loves playing wiffle ball and football in the water, but most of all he loves avoiding my camera. He used to be the best for posing for pictures, not any more. He wants nothing to do with my camera.

Trevor was with us most of the week but had to leave Sunday morning for his week at camp. He was very excited to head of to camp for the second year. I am sure he is having a blast, learning a lot.

The barge the fireworks were set off from.
The fireworks were rescheduled from Friday to Saturday and then again due to wind, rescheduled to Sunday. Unfortunately, most of the family had to head home and back to the real world Sunday so they missed the fireworks.

Nolan and I were able to stay and it was so worth it. The fireworks were amazing.

Next year we will make sure to ALL be there to enjoy the festivities.
The week ended with my iphone taking a dip in the water and that has left me very frustrated trying to get Trevor's old iphone updated for me to use until the new 6 comes out. 
The phone issue and the return to reality has left me exhausted.

I can't wait til I can return to the lake!