Monday, July 14, 2014

Griffin Lately

~G-man has been obsessed with death. He had his poor daddy in tears the other day after his line of questioning about death. He wanted to know what would happen if his daddy and mommy died and he would not let it go. He continued with questions until he was satisfied with the answers.
~Today he asked me if he died and was born again if I would name him Chase, Rocket or Marshall instead of Griffin.

~ I picked G up from school early today to get a haircut. He wanted a faux hawk, so that is what he got.
~ G and I went to Build-A-Bear Workshop for his to make Michelangelo from TMNT. He loves it and thinks it is "so cool".

~ He wants to have a pickle birthday party. He has so serious love for the pickle. I asked him what a pickle birthday party would entail and he asked me if I knew what a pickle race was. I guessed it was a pickle eating race and he informed me that that is a competition not a race. Smarty pants. 
~ He is growing so very fast. He is such a character and still the cutest little guy around. I could not love him anymore!

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