Sunday, July 13, 2014

Same and Different

We spent another weekend at the lake. It seems like all my posts are about weekends at the lake. We are there a lot, I take pictures there and I love everything about Somerset.

We did a lot of the same...

Ice cream eating,

Taking in the beauty of our surroundings,
Enjoying sunsets,

Feeling BLESSED.

There was also some differences...

Nolan had one of his favorite friends, Ryan, up for the weekend. They spent lots of time island hoping on the lake. They named the islands they "conquered" RAN {Ryan And Nolan}.
We saw an amazing moon, a super moon.

We saw some adorable baby loons.
We saw this cool wood sailboat.

I picked Trevor up from camp. How is it possible that he leaves a 13 year old and comes home a 16 year old. He sounds older, he looks taller, he is acting more mature... say what?!? He had a very good, long conversation with me about this magnet school {MSSM} he would like to apply to for high school. He also just finished reading the Gate Keeper so he spent a long time talking to me about the college application process and where he would like to attend college. So mature I tell you. I am so proud of this boy and so blessed to be his mom.

We had another wonderful weekend. I am feeling very content and blessed.

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